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Economic Blast

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®, which had declined in November, improved in December. The Index now stands at 92.6 (1985=100), up from 91.0 in November. The Present Situation Index rose to 98.6 from 93.7, while the Expectations Index decreased to 88.5 from 89.3 in November. The Commerce Department's announcement Tuesday that U.S. gross domestic product surged to 5 percent annualized growth in the third quarter, revised up from 3.9 percent.


"Never must the physician say, the disease is incurable. By that admission he denies God,our Creator; he doubts Nature with her profuseness of hidden powers and mysteries."
- Dr. Royal R. Rife

Ramp/Dock Report: January 2015

Our All Decks Intermodal division has received many requests for pricing and availability over the last month. Thank you for your interest! Our focus is on flatbed project freight or ongoing dedicated flatbed moves that we can price on the innovative 53 foot intermodal deck using the railroads for line service and truck for local dray. Send pricing requests to: adipricing@absoluteintermodal.com.

 With no eminent settlement between West Coast Longshore Unions (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA),IANA joined 110 other businesses and trade associations in urging the Obama administration to facilitate the resolution of labor negotiations at U.S. West Coast ports. The letter was initiated by a coalition led by the National Retail Federation and encouraged the involvement of a federal mediator and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) in the hopes of averting further disruptions at the ports. James McKenna, CEO of the PMA agrees that federal mediation is needed to resolve "significant issues" including wages, pensions, jurisdiction and work rules.

As participants in the intermodal industry, who have much of our moves within the confines of Illinois, costs are going up! The state has implemented a tollway rate increase to trucks of 40%. The daytime truck toll that was $27, for 96 miles on the Reagan Memorial Tollway, will now be $43.20!

Lessons from the Past

A strange thing happened while researching the topic for this month's"Lessons from the Past"; I stumbled upon a more unique and intriguing history lesson! Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, born in 1888 in Elkhorn, Nebraska, was a gifted scientist, studying bacteriology at John Hopkins University, the University of Heidelberg and at his own laboratory. He received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Heidelberg. Dr. Rife mastered several different scientific disciplines. If he needed an instrument to perform a new task, he simply invented it. One such invention was his Universal Microscope, which could magnify 60,000 times any microorganism, making it the most powerful microscope at that time!

 Dr. Rife explained what was so useful about this microscope; it could observe the microbes while they were still alive. This was different from the electron microscopes which destroyed the viruses and bacteria. In addition, Dr. Rife determined that each microbe had its own resonance frequency causing him to experiment with a frequency machine he would name the "Beam Ray" machine. Using the Rife technology, he bombarded the microbes with resonance frequency which matched that of the microbe at an intense level. What he said happened was that the microbes would explode or shrivel up and die. Some researchers today are reported to be corroborating Royal Rife's discoveries.

These discoveries lead to a controlled experiment in 1934 by a Special Medical Research Committee at the University of Southern California to show that this resonance frequency device could indeed cure cancer, which Rife determined to be a virus! Sixteen stage four (terminal) cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital were treated with the Beam Ray machine. After 90 days, the patients were examined and fourteen of them were declared cured. The other two stayed at the laboratory. Their treatments were intensified. Four weeks later, those two were also declared cured.

Dr. Milbank Johnson, Dean of the USC Medical School, who sanctioned the study, who earlier held a banquet in Dr. Rife's honor, was about to announce the results of the 1934 study of the sixteen cancer patients who were reportedly cured. However, he never got to make that announcement. It is reported that just hours before making the announcement, he was fatally poisoned and his papers were "lost." According to reports, by 1939, almost all of the forty-four doctors attending the banquet to honor Raymond Rife were denying they had ever met him. Allegations are that drug companies, bent on stifling the Rife technologies, waged war and won...

Even today, the American Medical Association (AMA) has opposed the use of the Rife device, a team of scientists and medical doctors in Germany are using the technology and are finding the similar success reported by Dr. Rife. For further information, pick-up a copy of Barry Lynes book, "The Cancer Cure That Worked".

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."<br>– Albert Einstein