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  • Port of Phoenix Our expertise and commitment to your logistics needs enables us to specialize in difficult shipments, which may require border crossings, multiple carriers or special equipment to get the job done.

  • Why Absolute? It was not enough to just include "Absolute Quality" in our mission statement, we have made it WHO WE ARE! Our customers appreciate our commitment to ABSOLUTE quality drayage.

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  • Your Success YOUR success is OUR success and we know it, that's why we work so hard for you and why we are still here.

Economic Blast

Despite weak third quarter, average GDP growth stays at 2.5 percent according to the Conference Board. A gain of only 142,000 new jobs in September on top of a soft reading of 136,000 in August provides more evidence that the US economy is experiencing a slowdown in job growth. While disappointing compared with expectations, this slower job growth is more in line with the mediocre GDP growth of recent years, and also suggests that the very low productivity growth during that time is not sustainable.


"I am easily satisfied with the very best."
– Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Ramp/Dock Report: November 2015

Labor issues contributed to West Coast port congestion this
past year, but it is the cargo surges from big ships and the "extraordinary randomness" of container discharges and truck visits to marine terminals that will be the longer-lasting problems for ports, according to Long Beach CEO Jon Slangerup.

Furthermore, cargo surges and random discharges of containers will only make it more difficult for West Coast ports to get their hands around the problem when ships with capacities of 18,000 20-foot-equivalent units begin calling in Southern California within two years, Slangerup told the annual Western Cargo Conference of freight forwarders and customs brokers in Palm Springs, California, last month.

Fuel prices are low enough that truckers are again becoming more competitive with rail, executives at Union Pacific Corp. said last week. For years, railroads like Union Pacific have been developing their intermodal businesses of moving containers and trailers, allowing them to compete directly with truckers on their home turf. As fuel prices skyrocketed and trucking companies faced driver and capacity crunches, railroads became a logical, cheaper choice.

Lessons from the Past

History abounds with tales of experts who were convinced

that the ideas, plans and projects of others could never be achieved. However, some great accomplishments came to those who said, "I can make it happen."

Even the great Thomas Alva Edison discouraged his friend, Henry Ford, from pursuing his fledgling idea of a motorcar. Convinced of the worthlessness of the idea, Edison invited Ford to come to work for him. Ford, however, remained committed and tirelessly pursued his dream. Although Ford's first attempt resulted in a vehicle without reverse gear, he knew that he could make it happen and of course, he did!

As you read this newsletter under the common electric light on your electric computer, consider the plight of Benjamin Franklin who was admonished by the best minds of his time to stop the foolish experiments with lightening. Thank goodness that Franklin knew that he could make it happen! The message again is, without a vision, people perish...but with a vision, all things are possible!

We are thankful for all of you, our loyal and enthusiastic supporters! Have a blessed Thanksgiving November 26th!